Lawn Mowing


Our Zero-Emmision, Eco Friendly electric lawn mowers are MUCH quieter that gas mowers and they don’t polute!Learn More

Hedge/Bush Trimming


We can keep your bushes and shrubs neat and trim!Learn More

Professional Edging


We’ll give your yard a crisp, clean edge.Learn More

String Trimming (Grass & Weeds)


Like our lawn mowers, our electric trimmers are much quieter than gas trimmers and they don’t polute! Service quotes are free.Learn More

Weed Pulling


We can keep those pesky weeds out of your plant beds!Learn More

Leaf Removal


You don’t have to rake leaves. We’ll blow those leaves to the curb for pickup. And we’ll use electric leaf blowers that are quieter than gas fueled blowers.Learn More

Zero Emission Lawn Care – It’s about time!

Most Lawn mowers, Leaf Blowers, & String Trimmers use small engines that emit much more pollution than automobiles. Many of these garden tools use 2 stroke engines, which are especially dirty.

Recently, air friendly, zero-emission electric cars have been gaining popularity. And lawn equipment is finally catching up. The cordless mowers of years past were under-powered, with low capacity batteries. But now, companies like EGO & Mean Green are producing Hard-Core, Top-Notch tools, including cordless lawn mowers, leaf blowers, string trimmers, chain saws, and even snow blowers!!

The problem?

Nearly all lawn care companies use gas-powered equipment. Until recently, home owners who don’t want to or aren’t able to maintain their own lawn weren’t able to take advantage of air-friendly, earth-friendly technology. For residents of Lake County Illinois, that has changed, and it’s about time!


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